Anna C

Meet our Trainer:

In Anna’s classes combine fun, puppies and muscle shaking. She is also one of the OG’s of the studio transforming from student to teacher! Come join her on the megaformer and feel that deep booty and leg burn!

5 Rules she lives by

  • Puppies
  • Food (Especially hummus, fish tacos, and ranch dressing)
  • Sarcasm and good belly laughs
  • Crappy reality TV
  • Making memories with friends and family

Born and raised in St.Louis, Anna is a Midwestern transplant who has made Vegas her home for the past five years as a buyer at Zappos. She made the trek out to the desert in 2014 after graduating from college in New York and was in dire need of a new adult workout plan after living off of beer, pizza, and very little physical activity during her college days. Growing up as a dancer and athlete, she struggled to find a workout that was challenging yet still fun and didn’t involve being alone in a gym. Cue Studio Remixx and the Lagree Method and she was hooked! Anna became a loyal member and watched as her body changed and got stronger and stronger. Seeing and feeling the results drove her passion for the workout, so three years after beginning her Lagree journey, she decided to get certified to spread the slow and low love to others! She loves a good hip-hop playlist and bringing her furry companion, Finley the dog, to class to cheer on her clients.

Largee Fitness Certified

There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food