Meet our Trainer:

The spunky tomboy with a passion for fitness! A lifelong athlete and dedicated teacher, Christina has made her mission helping others become excited about their own unique fitness journeys.


    The five things Christina lives by:

  • Embrace any challenge and own it
  • Laugh daily, pet all the dogs
  • Be the change you want to see
  • Love yourself, be your biggest cheerleader
  • Live life like you have only got one

A military veteran, a sports competitor and a Sheriffs Deputy, she has never shied away from hard work or the opportunity to help others. Hobbies include archery, scuba diving, weightlifting, CrossFit, Pilates, hiking, rock climbing and more… a firm believer in playing hard! Christina came to Las Vegas in 2010 with the intention to do as much outdoor adventuring as possible, but her true love always came back to encouraging and teaching others to live healthy active lives. She is now living her dream!

As a dedicated mad scientist in fitness programming, she will use her varied background to conjure new and fun ways to make your body move, shake and tone! Get ready for some awesome music, giant smiles, and ALL the muscle shakes! This fit girl will not leave a muscle behind.

Largee Fitness Certified

Crossfit L1

Classical Pilates


What does fitness mean to you?

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