Jeshua C Studio Remixx

10890 S. Eastern Ave Ste 105, Henderson NV


Meet our Trainer:

Forever a kid at heart, his teaching is anything but childish. Get your glutes and legs ready for an out of body experience in each class!

5 things he lives by:

  • Smile constantly
  • Live in the present
  • A-1 sauce makes everything better
  • Always be willing to help others
  • Constant learning

Lagree trainer Jeshua was born and raised in Santa Fe New Mexico spending everyday on two wheels.What was just a kids hobby turned into a long professional BMX career. As time ran on and starting to feel the effects of two shoulders that are separated and two ACL replacements, a workout regimen was not an option. Not a fan of the gym, nor furthering the existing injuries he was not really able to find anything that fit for a fitness routine. That is when Lagree Fitness came in. Not only is it the workout of a lifetime, he was able to strengthen the damaged joints and see a huge difference in physical appearance, there was no pain or impact which seemed impossible. Trained by Sebastien Lagree himself in Los Angeles and now rocking muscles at Studio Remixx, is where you will find him!

Largee Fitness Certified.

Don’t ever be afraid of what you want to do or who you want to be, but be willing to pay the price.

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